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Ear Candling $60 - allow 50 minutes
Ear Candling is a natural ear healing technique that is practiced all over the world using hollow candles. Hollow waxed cloth candles are used in the ear to help remove ear wax. This procedure may improve sinus problems, sore throat,
earaches, swimmer's ear, some chronic headaches, allergies and hearing difficulties.

MASSAGE LESSONS for beginners.

$60 per hour - (minimum of 2 hours) for Couples or Singles.

Learn to give pleasure with your hands! Experience, watch and then try it for yourself. This easy relaxation body massage uses Aromatherapy Oil and simple acupressure points for relieving stress and tension. Your massage technique is tailored to your needs and likes. We usually do 2-4 hours per session, 4-6 times depending on your time or learning curve. Text for more information.

SPA BATHS $60 - 45 Minutes

Yes, pampering you in your own bathtub with essential oil and bubbles! Your experience begins with dry brushing your whole body. Then massaging your hands and feet on my warm massage bed before your bath. While you relax in the tub I will serve you a refreshing beverage.

SCAPING - Men / Women

For those who do not like waxing. Trimming or shaving the areas that are sensitive or hard to reach. $30 for every 30 minutes.